Past session leaders

Here are other session leaders leaders who were involved with the San Jose Math Circle in the past:
  • Brian Conrey ( is Executive Director of the American Institute of Mathematics. His PhD is from the University of Michigan in number theory. He has been involved in Mathematics competitions since he was a high school student and founded the Oklahoma State High School Mathematics Contest.
  • Dimitar Grantcharov ( hasn't sent us a bio yet.
  • Sam Vandervelde (
  • Paul Zeitz ( was a member of the first American team to participate in the International Mathematical Olympiad. He also has helped to coach several American IMO teams, and is the author of The Art and Craft of Problem Solving. His PhD is in Ergodic Theory from UC Berkeley, although now his main interests are combinatorics and organizing math contests. He began BAMM, the Bay Area Math Meet, in 1994, and is one of the founders of BAMO, the Bay Area Math Olympiad, which began in 1999.