Current session leaders

There are a number of session coordinators who were involved with the San Jose Math Circle for the year 2007-2008:
  • Matthias Beck ( San Francisco State University
  • Steven Blasberg ( West Valley College
  • David Farmer ( American Institute of Mathematics
  • Hidefumi Katsuura ( grew up in Japan, and came to the United States to study at College of Charleston in South Carolina. He received his Ph.D. in Topology from University of Delaware. His current interests lie in fixed-point problems, geometry, inequalities, sequences and series, numbers, puzzles, and wood working. He likes to show off his spinning (Japanese) top ability to math circles at every chance he gets.
  • Tom Rike ( Retired Mathematics Instructor, Oakland High School.
  • Zvezdelina Stankova ( Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics, UC Berkeley Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Mills College.
  • Joshua Zucker ( studied physics, math, and astronomy at Stanford and UC Berkeley. He currently teaches at Castilleja School. He's active as an organizer of the local Polya competition and also helps with the national American Regions Math League.
  • In addition, there are a number of students between 5th and 12th grade that have been leaders at some point.