2018 - 2019

The following schedule shows who will be leading the circle on a given day.

Date Leader Topic Handouts
September 14Tatiana Shubin(Intermediate) From 0 to n Dimensions
September 14Ted Alper(Advanced) Stable Matching TheoremHandout
September 21Brian Conrey(Intermediate) SOMA Cubes
September 21Cornelia Van Cott(Advanced) Taxicabs and Elevators
September 28Tatiana Shubin(Intermediate)Grid Power
September 28Yan Zhang(Advanced) Visual Proofs, On the Chessboard and Elsewhere
October 05Joshua Zucker(Intermediate) TBD
October 05Mathias Beck(Advanced) TBD
October 12BAMA at SJSU, Science Bldg, Rm 142: Scott KimTurning Math into a GameBAMA 1 handout
October 19Yul Inn(Intermediate) Graph Theory I
October 19Tom Davis(Advanced) Cryptography I
October 26Yul Inn(Intermediate) Graph Theory II
October 26Tom Davis (Advanced) Cryptography II
November 02Paul Zeitz(Intermediate) Russian-StyleRussian Math Circle Handout
November 02Paul Zeitz(Advanced) Russian-StyleRussian Math Circle Handout
November 09Lucian Sega(Intermediate) CANCELLED
November 09Simon Rubinstein-Salzedo(Advanced) CANCELLEDHandout
November 16Raghu Subramanian(Intermediate) CANCELLED
November 16Joshua Zucker (Advanced) CANCELLED
November 30Joshua Zucker(Intermediate) TBD
November 30Alon Amit(Advanced) Big Numbers
December 07BAMA at SJSU, Science Bldg, Rm 142: Sergei TabachnikovGeometry of EquationsBAMA 2 handout
December 14Marc Roth(Intermediate) Bead Necklace-Universal Cycle
December 14Joshua Zucker(Advanced) TBD
January 04Joshua Zucker (Intermediate) TBD
January 04Elysee Wilson-Egolf(Advanced) TBD
January 11Ted Alper(Intermediate) Probability, Markov Processes, and an old Casino GameHandout
January 11Joshua Zucker(Advanced) TBD
January 18Ali Gurel(Intermediate) TBD
January 18Alon Amit(Advanced) Calculating by "Cheating"
January 25BAMA at SCU: Marion CampisiSpace Farming and the Euler CharacteristicBAMA 3 handout
February 01Joshua Zucker(Intermediate) TBD
February 01Lucian Sega(Advanced) TBD
February 08TBD(Intermediate) TBD
February 08Joshua Zucker(Advanced) TBD
February 15TBD(Intermediate) TBD
February 15Simon Rubinstein-Salzedo(Advanced) TBD
February 22TBD(Intermediate) BAMO Prep
February 22TBD(Advanced) BAMO Prep
February 26BAMOBAMO
March 01BAMA at TBD: Ravi VakilTBD
March 08Joshua Zucker(Intermediate) TBD
March 08Ted Alper(Advanced) TBD
March 15Elysee Wilson-Egolf(Intermediate) TBD
March 15Yul Inn(Advanced) TBD
March 22Lucian Sega(Intermediate) TBD
March 22Joshua Zucker(Advanced) TBD
March 29TBD(Intermediate) TBD
March 29TBD(Advanced) TBD
April 05Simon Rubinstein-Salzedo(Intermediate) TBD
April 05Raghu Subramanian(Advanced) TBD
April 12BAMA at TBD: Andrew BernoffTBD
April 19Joshua Zucker(Intermediate) TBD
April 19Yul Inn(Advanced) TBD
April 26Ali Gurel(Intermediate) TBD
April 26Lucian Sega(Advanced) TBD
May 03Simon Rubinstein-Salzedo(Intermediate) TBD
May 03Joshua Zucker(Advanced) TBD
May 10TBD(Intermediate) TBD
May 10TBD(Advanced) TBD
May 17TBD(Intermediate) TBD
May 17TBD(Advanced) TBD
May 24Stan IsaacsPizza and Puzzles

  • Some topics have not yet been decided, hence the "TBD" = "To Be Determined".
  • The dark red dates are BAMA talks so there will be no SJMC meeting.
  • SJMC meetings take place regularly on Fridays, in MH-320 and MH-324 at SJSU, from 7:00PM to 9:00PM, see directions.
  • If you'd like to see your name on this schedule page, as a leader of a circle session, contact us!
  • Handouts of past meetings will be posted as we receive them. If you have past handouts that you don't see here, please let us know.
  • Read more about Russian-style circles.