Monthly math contests solutions now on our website

Timothy Ngotiaoco, a former student of San Jose Math Circle, created and graded the Monthly Math contest during our 2013-2014 year. Timothy did a truly outstanding job. All the problem sets and solutions to the problems are now on our website.
Students who did not get a chance to work on these problems during the school year may wish to work on them during the summer break. Many of these problems are more challenging than problems we present in class. Please don't be discouraged if you find these problems difficult; they are contest problems.

Apply for admission to the Math Circle 2014 fall term

The spring term is now over. Our next meeting will be in early September. Students who wish to attend in the fall of 2014 need to apply on-line as soon as possible. We require that students be in either 7th or 8th grade and at least 11 years old on September 1, 2014.
If we receive a large number of applications, we may need to impose additional requirements (for example, an admissions exam).
To apply please fill out the on-line form located here: link to 2014 Math Circle admissions form.

Online Mathematics Classes Available

Online and small-group Mathematics Classes are available for AMC 8/10/12, AIME, Mathcounts, USA(J)MO, SAT, and AP Calculus AB/BC. These classes are offered by Lucian Sega, and are independent from the San Jose Math Circle.
For details follow this link: Sega_Math (pdf)
NOTE: the Sega_Math link was updated Dec. 3 with new info and schedule for the winter and spring classes.